Weight Loss Tracker Journal


This is a downloadable digital printable file. It comes in 3 sizes: A5, A4 and Letter size (8.5 x 11 inches). Just choose the pages you need, when you need them, and print them in the size that suits you. Print as many copies of each page as you’d like.

It’s said that writing on paper helps to commit you to what you are writing. This is a fun way of tracking your goals and progress and makes a fantastic reminder of how far you’ve come!

The downloadable pack includes:

* Pounds lost tracker – cross off each pound you lose and motivate yourself by seeing how many crosses you see on the page!

* Weight tracker – another way of tracking your weight loss. Write in your current weight, your target/goal weight, and each time you weigh yourself, write it onto the tracker.

* Weekly weigh-in – track weight loss each week and see how much progress you make over time.

* Food diary – track what you eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner – and if you like, the calories you consume or the treats you allow yourself.

* Meal planner – map out what you plan to have over the course of a week. Again, writing down what you would like to eat makes it easier to visualise your meals and stay focussed.

* Shopping list – once you’ve made your meal plan, use the simple shopping list to make sure you buy only the food and drink you need to keep to your plan. Broken down into various categories, including meat/fish/poultry, dairy, bakery/bread and others.

* Measurement tracker – use this tracker to record your measurements – your chest, waist and so on. You may not think you’re losing weight, but when you take your measurements and write them down – you’ll know that you are!

* Fitness tracker – part of weight loss can include exercise. Use this tracker to write down what activities you do, for how long and any other notes you’d like to record.

* Goal tracker – goals can sometimes seem out of reach. The trick is to break them down into smaller actionable chunks. How do you climb a staircase? One step at a time! Make sure your goals are SMART.

You’ll be able to download your files as soon as your purchase has been made. If you’ve any issues with this, please let me know.