Personalised Star Map with Aurora



1) The names of the couple + any other text
2) The date, time and location
3) The font style and couple number
4) Frame type if chosen (black, white, wooden, dark wooden)
5) With or without constellation lines and planet labels


💗💑 Personalised Starmap with the Aurora, constellations and planets – of a special date in your lives – Canvas, Framed Print, or Print 💒💗

Choose from a number of couple silhouettes to show against the starry background and aurora.

Celebrate that extra special date and time with our beautiful personalised star maps which lets you view the sky as it was at that special time. This could be when you met the love of your life, when you were engaged or married, the birth of someone special, your anniversary or any other special date.


Available in 4 sizes, as print only, framed, or as a canvas:

❖ 30x20cm
❖ 40x30cm
❖ 70x50cm
❖ 100x70cm

Canvases are mounted on a solid 2cm wooden frame.

Framed posters are available in Black, Dark Wood, Wood or White.

Celebrate any special date and time:

💗 When you first met
💗 When you became engaged
💗 Where and when you both said “I Do”
💗 Whether this is for your wedding day, or your 1st, 10th or 50th anniversary, show your partner how much you love them with this personalised gift.

This unique gift can also make a thoughtful gift for your parents, friends or any other special couple in your life.

How to Personalise your print/frame/canvas

In the personalisation section, please provide:

1) the names of the couple, plus any other text you’d like below
2) the date, time and location you’d like the starmap made for
3) the font style number and the couple number (from the pictures shown)
4) If you have chosen a framed poster, please also let me know if you’d like a Black, Dark Wood, Wood or White frame
5) With or without constellation lines and planet labels

❖ Delivery – FREE worldwide delivery. All items will be shipped by UK Royal Mail in the UK, and national mail services in other countries.

❖ I ship worldwide from Dingwall, Scotland, UK.

❖ Please recycle where possible.